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Sue Kelly

Sue Kelly, President | Wellness Expert

A Registered Nurse, I began my career as a Public Health Nurse working at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto and then outposts in northern Manitoba and over the years have been a Visiting Nurse, Business Development Manager, a Palliative Care Coordinator and a Faculty Member at Sheridan College.

Serving and working with Canadians from coast to coast has provided me the opportunity to see many and varied approaches to key issues affecting the over 60s and let’s face it…. some areas do a better job than others.

As a spokesperson for the Boomer – Zoomer generation, I have authored many articles and booklets; a guest on national television programs; raised awareness to help families prevent personal injuries in the home; authored for Canadian Living Magazine—a homecare plan for aging parents.

Some of the projects that blended practice knowledge in the for-profit, government and not-for-profit sectors as well as insurance and pharmaceutical industries are:

•            Created and managed the “Re-ACT” (Remote – Access to Care Technology) – partnership with North Simcoe Muskoka LHIN (Local Health Integration Network), offering wireless e-Health biometric home screening for people living with chronic diseases

•            Implemented several dedicated care programs to the We Care Network: Health & Wellness, Influenza Immunization, Acquired Brain Injury, Palliative Care, Alzheimer’s, Advanced Foot care and Diabetes, including development and facilitation of training programs for Personal Support Workers, marketing brochures and awareness campaigns

•            Co-authored “Guidelines for Obtaining Physician’s Orders” for the Peel Region Home Care Palliative Care Committee

•            Lead negotiator, facilitator and manager of 15 service agreements with insurance companies, pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies including Costco, Apotex and Roche

•            Developed clinical competencies and standards of practice to support the role of clinic nurses in the delivery of national wellness programs

•            Built an Occupational Health drug and alcohol testing program delivered across Canada to over 30 Canadian TPA and 12 US third party adminstration companies

•            Director of National Influenza Immunization program

•            Project Lead of the Canadian Diabetes Association national partnership supporting the objectives of the CDA and development of new clinical programs and educational courses for support workers and nurses across the We Care network

Volunteer positions often provide a richness of learning and experience and my volunteer work addressed such issues as: Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Hospice, Big Sisters and outreach to Homeless Women.

So, that’s probably more than you ever wanted to read but these experiences are what position me to take on this information role.

When I get an hour to myself I enjoy gardening, sewing, photography and writing about my grandchildren. And intermixed in there is the provision of care for my elderly Mom who is in her 90’s and still living in her original home.

I am married to my soul-mate Paul and we have three adult children and 6 precious grandchildren. We live on the shores of a pretty lake near Gravenhurst, in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario.

9 Responses to About Sue

  1. kimfraser says:

    you go, girl! I just found your site! You have much wisdom to share as well as how to live life full of zest and compassion! Loving following you!!

    • Sue Kelly says:

      Hi Kim – thanks for visiting my site – I appreciate your comments and I feel that ‘things’ are finally coming together. Best of luck with your writing too. Cheers, Sue

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  3. Jen Beagle says:

    Dear Sue,

    I came across your website while searching for…well, that doesn’t matter. I am not 60 yet but your website/blog just makes me feel like there is so much to look forward to in life! Life is an excellent journey until the very end. We should all make smart choices now to ensure we live long and most importantly happy healthy lives. You’re an inspiration and I subscribed to your blog so I can see what is next!

    All the best!

    Jen Beagle
    Toronto, ON

    • Sue Kelly says:

      Hello Jen

      What a breath of fresh air to read your comments. You have captured the essence of my work – living life to the fullest to the end. The key is knowing what your passion is, knowing your talents and gifts and finding purpose in living. Don’t settle for anything less. You are a kindred spirit. Best, Sue

  4. Deb Grant says:

    Dear Sue
    Finally, the ‘birth’ of an idea, ‘conceived’ in Muskoka, so many months ago.
    You are the embodiment of vibrancy, love and caring. To knit those of us together, to share in the richness of our collective experience, with understanding, compassion and a good dose of humor….the ‘spawn of your creativity’ cannot help but be wildly successful.
    I turn the big six-oh this year, and do so with open arms and a big grin on my face. I can honestly say I have never felt healthier, happier (despite all life’s pitfalls), and more alive than I do at this time in my life.
    After all…..to see what lies ahead, I just have to look at you, share in your experience and the life experiences of so many wonderful people who are sure to be a part of this.
    Can’t wait…..strap ’em on girlfriend. It’s gonna be a wild ride! xo

    • Sue Kelly says:

      Deb – you made my morning as I read your inspirational comments about SSS. You give me hope that I am on the right track and the encouragement to keep on going. Whoo Hoo – we are going to celebrate your big Six Oh – kinda like a coming out party or coming of age celebration. You embody Sexy at 60 girlfriend!
      Love Sue

  5. Hi,
    I’m a romance author for Harlequin in Toronto, and have been for the past ten years or so. I’m approaching seventy and don’t see my life slowing down in any measurable way. I’m a retired nurse and cared for my husband during his rapid decline and death from ALS in 2013.
    Your site looks interesting, and I wanted to touch base with you and hear more of what you have planned for your site.

    • Sue Kelly says:

      Hello Ruth:
      So nice to hear from you. As a homecare nurse, I recall caring for a gentleman with ALS – my heart goes out to you as I imagine (if only in a small way) what your journey must have been like. Congrats on being an author for Harlequin – it’s not easy to get published so WAY TO GO. You do sound alive and well and full of spunk.
      I’m just getting back into my sweet spot in writing my book and blogs. I hope to tell the stories of many who have found their sweet spot in life – especially by taking a risk and making the changes necessary to live memorable lives.
      Maybe we can connect at some point. Please feel free to share any of your ideas or strategies for enjoying life to the fullest.
      Thanks for dropping by


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