YOUR DNA: Nature vs Nurture … it’s not all in your genes

Hello everyone!

 Thank you so much for having me at the Women’s Wellness Conference in Gravenhurst!  I had the best time and you were a fantastic audience!  I wish I could have had more time, and I am sorry that I ended up rushing at the end, and not getting to all of the material.

For that reason, I have asked Sue to add the PPT presentation to her website, along with some links to documentaries, videos, and articles that I mentioned.

I hope you learned a little bit about genetics and maybe I will see you in the future sometime at another workshop about epigenetics and medicine!  J

All the best, and thanks for the warm welcome!


Contact Information

Dr. Jane Gair

Medical Genetics

Island Medical Program

University of British Columbia and University of Victoria


Learning Genetics – Epigenetics

Genetics Home Reference

Cracking Cancer Documentary

18 Things You Should Know About Genetics

What is Epigenetics

Epigenetics Video about mice

Ghost in Your Genes – Nova documentary (may need to get this at the library)

Cancer and Sugar

Super Foods – Marketplace



Trait Yes/ No Dominant/ Recessive
Free ear lobes


Tongue rolling








Curly Hair


Left over Right Hand Clasping


Widow’s Peak Hairline


Chin Fissure


Pigmented Iris


No hitchhiker’s Thumb


Can’t smell asparagus odour in urine


Bent little finger


Mid-digital hair




Follow-up to 2017 Women’s Wellness Conference

Hello Dear Friends:

Thinking back to the October Conference brings wondrous joy to me as I recall the excitement and camaraderie of over 200 vibrant women assembled to be informed, inspired and ignited to do whatever is next for them. Thank you so much for your unconditional support. Your assurance and participation helped to make it so successful.

I am feeling a bit remiss in not writing to you earlier – I was in catch-up mode but now I am ready to refocus and reprioritize my life. The conference helped me to take an inward look at myself, allowing me to make some hard decisions so that I can accomplish my life goals. Completing my manuscript is one of those goals.

I have some exciting information that I’ll be sharing soon, but for now I thought you might enjoy reading the wrap-up poem created by Carole Bertuzzi-Luciani – here it is:

Still Sexy After 60 … the Recap in Rhyme

Still sexy after 60 … some question such a title
No big deal but … sexiness is vital

It’s not about the body …. measurements and such
But more about the inside out … that’s important oh so much

We started out on a high … the swag bags were a hit
Everyone excited … arrived ahead of time to sit

I had the pleasure to kick things off … and dared not miss a thing
Set the tone, housekeeping notes … before we got to sing

Shirley Hay led us in Mohawk song … on being more empowered
Which means not backing down to others … or behaving like a coward

Then Krista welcomed us …to the Opera House & town
Sue thanked out loud each sponsor then … called her committee to come down

This conference brought together … speakers of all kinds
Who enlightened, educated and even … entertained our minds

Some with research data … some with anecdotes
Some relied on power point … while others had no notes

First up was Jeanne Bekker … who opened up her heart
And shared with us her story … every juicy part

Next Julie holistically awakened us … on de-tox-ifying
Suggesting a slew of special stuff … we really should be buying

Gravenhurst students served us lunch … all each uniformed in black
Some diners mistakingly missed their spot … the Knights building ’round the back

Next up were the teddy talks … but 12 quick minutes each
With hopes the varied topics … more women they would reach

Suzanne believes connection … is the antidote to stress
Mickey talked on colour … and bragged about her dress

Deb giddily suggested … we might try to date online
Lauri was baffled by her power point … ’bout her cruise out on the Rhine

Martin kept the AV working … Elaine helped out behind the scene
Samantha was there from Cable … Allison snapped each photo gene

The exhibit hall was hopping … while Kelly swept us all upstairs
The vendors all seemed happy … promoting all their wares

The Let it Go Loo was beautifully staged … for you to dump or spew
Some bravely took the challenge … others wondered what to do

Vincenzo was introduced … he then took the stage to tell
About his new play Quiet I’m Talking … with the beautiful Bunny belle

The day was long, the day was fun … our heads were all a spin
Thanks goodness for the apps and drinks … too bad there wasn’t gin

Elaine’s mindful meditation … gently kick started Saturday
We welcomed thirty bright new faces … picked up along the way

CBL recapped day one … we were ready for more fun
More gifts were handed out again … seems the giving wasn’t done

We each were handed a pashmena … in the most colourful of pink
Can’t ever have a bad day … in that colour I do think

First up hailing from BC … Geneticist Jane Gair
With “DNA’s not all in your genes” … she proved her point right there

Speaking out on sleep … Next Colin Shapiro kept us awake
Keeping things light for us … with handouts we could take

We welcomed the stretch break … to keep us hale and hearty
Tea Infusions generously hosted … a welcoming Tea Party

CBL then called up one … not needing introduction
The woman who’s brainchild was … to plan this fab function

Sue Kelly donned another role … to share with us her passion
Then called up her crew to hand out … more gifts in Oprah fashion

CBL then had a shot … to have more fun with us
Saying some things about the nuns … that created such a fuss

The program wasn’t done there … a group photo of us all
Wearing our pink and shouting Thursday … as we posed and sat up tall

Grand prizes were handed out … winners approached the stage with glee
There really was no other place … anyone would want to be

The room it was a hummin’ … high energy everywhere
For the women in that space … we were buoyant in the air

Thank yous were sincerely uttered … applause all around
Flowers where handed out … excitement was the sound

Before we all left the room … new friends had been made
Some rekindled from the past … in hopes we could’ve stayed

But alas, it was all over … last stop was our boxed lunch
Overwhelmingly it was a success … we loved it a whole bunch.

From the speakers to the topics … gifts and extra stuff
To make the 2 days better … it really would be tough

So on that note the time has come … for me to end this rhyme
And thank you for your interest and … especially for your time ~!!~

Written with pleasure by your MC … The Moodivator
Carole Bertuzzi Luciani – October 2017