June Blessings and the 5 F’s


This year, June is creating lots of opportunities for me to feel grateful. Here are five ‘F’ words describing what is categorically important in my life: (in no particular order)

Friends: About a dozen of my nursing classmates from St. Michael’s Hospital gathered for the retirement party of Ella Ferris, Executive V.P. of SMH – do you believe that she started in the kitchen at 14 years of age and ended an outstanding career 51 years later as one of the most esteemed Nursing and Administrative leaders in Ontario. We assembled not just to honor Ella, but to collectively celebrate our roots at SMH and the privilege of caring for others as Registered Nurses.

Fun: Another get-together occurred near the former site of St. Joseph’s High School, Islington. Thirty former graduates from the same school assembled to revel in our 65th birthday year and rejoice, re-connect and reminisce. What a great bunch of hot babes!

Faith: On June 18th friends, family and cottagers gathered at St. Paul’s church in Gravenhurst for the Funeral Mass and Celebration of Life of Susan Clark (67)—Paul’s sister who died much too young from the scourge of breast cancer. The packed church was a testament to Sue’s life—it felt like a great big communal hug. Father Joe delivered an uplifting sermon which gave us all hope for the next great adventure still to come.

Family: During this sad time it is family and dear friends who are the wind beneath your wings. They know you the best: your past, your relationships, struggles, aspirations and triumphs. And so this past weekend our wonderful big extended family gathered on the shores of Morrison Lake to support us in missing Sue.

Future: Looking ahead to this autumn, Still Sexy After 60 presents the first annual Women’s Wellness Conference at the Gravenhurst Opera House (October 14-15, 2016). I am grateful to have the support of my talented executive who makes this an amazing journey. We’re creating a leading-edge event that disrupts aging and celebrates women in all our glory! Please join us in making history in Muskoka.

Thank you, thank you, thank God for you,

the wind beneath my wings.